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Recruiter – Business Development

Virtuoso Recruiting
Recruiting is a tough job but one that we here at Virtuoso Recruiting love. Here’s where most growing recruiting firms miss the mark. Many professionals out there (like yourself) have a deep network of industry connections and instinctively know how to build relationships that add value, BUT they aren’t looking to get a new job at a headhunting firm. The thing most firms miss is that your network can be used to add value to your life in a very practical way. We have a deep bank of incredible passive candidates that are waiting their next breakout opportunity – they are just waiting for the door to be opened.
That’s where you come in.
This is an opportunity to make really great financial returns on your social investments. We are looking for the professional with a solid network of contacts in the HR industry who would like to make some great money on the side setting up introductions to hiring managers, CEOs, and entrepreneurs. Our database of candidates (Directors, VPs, Managers) are gainfully employed and thus not out job hunting. This means their information will never pop up to hiring companies as a potential candidate. Nothing against job seekers, but historically the best performing individuals are gainfully employed. Your professional network needs an introduction to Virtuoso Recruiting and you have an opportunity to make that happen and make some great money on the side.