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We offer a variety of services to meet your resume needs


Entry Level – $299

If you are new to the workforce or a recent graduate, then “entry level” describes you best. Your resume will highlight your academic or volunteer achievements, and above all, having a clean, professional look will separate you from the pack. This package includes a resume in three formats (PDF, MS Word, and text).

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Mid Level – $399

Do you have less than 10 years of experience but some professional achievements under your belt? You need a resume that shows what value you add to potential employers and displays your accomplishments rather than a laundry list of job duties (because who likes laundry?!)

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Senior Level & Technical Resumes – $499

Are you the person who “fixes” all the problems at work? Are you the one who everyone relies upon? Do you have more than 10 years of experience and have trouble remembering all your accomplishments? Your resume will show the best of what you have done, highlight the amazing asset that you are, and make those recruiters or HR managers beat down your door.

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Executive Level (Call for Quote)

You are director level, vice president, or CEO / CFO / CTO / COO. You know who you are, and simply do not have the time to write your own resume. We will develop your personal brand and ensure that your documents represent who you are, and what value you offer to the company that is lucky enough to have you.

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JD / MD (Call for Quote)

Whether you are a JD or MD, our strategically branded document will highlight the key factors that set you apart as a professional. Best of all, the look and feel will be just as polished as you are.

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Applicant Intelligence

1-2 companies $50 | 3-4 companies $100 | 5+ companies, contact us

Give yourself an advantage over other job applicants with business intelligence. We will help you bypass traditional online job applications with HR names, email addresses, and sometimes even phone numbers.


Additional Services

LinkedIn Profiles

Statistics show that up 77% of HR managers will look at an applicant’s online presence before they decide to call you in for an interview. What kind of impression do you make? Utilizing LinkedIn can be crucial to securing the interview.

Cover Letters

These days, cover letters need to be memorable and have way more character than the ones your father wrote. A cover letter should make the HR manager want to learn more about you and motivate him/her to pick up your resume for a deeper look.

Professional Bio Writing

For the busy executive, writing a bio can be time consuming. We will write your bio for you, and because we already have your work history, the process is simple.

Job Search Coaching $100/hour

Let’s be real. Job searching is hard, confusing, and time consuming. We’ll teach you what rules to follow and which ones to break.

Interview Coaching $100/hour

Do interviews make you nervous? Do you freeze? There’s only one way to fix that. Practice. You’ll get one-on-one time with us and walk away ready to answer anything.

Expedited Services

For an additional fee, we offer expedited services. We drop everything else (remember “hot potato?”) and will finish the 1st draft within 24-48 hours.

Perfecting your first impression

Through professionally written resumes and LinkedIn profiles.

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