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Announcing JobHack

Applying for jobs online is the worst. Literally. You find a posting that you’re really excited about and then….crickets. No emails, texts, or phone calls. As a resume writer, obviously, my first advice is to take a look at your resume. Assuming you’ve worked with me or another professional resume writer and your resume is 100% dialed-in, then I have one piece of advice to ramp up your job search.

NETWORKING is the best way to get a job and have a successful job search.

The problem? If you don’t know anyone at the company you’d love to work for, then how do you get that networking ball rolling? That is where comes in.

If you know me, then you know that my dear hubby is a recruiter. In fact, he runs the recruiting side of our business and has some pretty cool AI-sourcing tools at his disposal. What we’ve done is turn the tables and begun using these tools FOR job seekers. Want to find the Director of Human Resources at ABC Company? No problem. How about the VP of Sales? We can do that do, too.

If those folks aren’t on LinkedIn or don’t have their emails posted, it can be really hard to figure out how to reach them.

JobHack finds you, the job seeker, the names of key decision makers – Division Heads, Directors, HR folks, and CEOs – and sends those along with valid/verified business email addresses (and phone numbers if we can find them). We’ve done our best to make this service affordable for the millions of job seekers out there and are hoping to help crack open the door to your job search.

Visit us online at or email for help today.

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