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Job Interview Red Flags

You’ve got an amazing resume. Now what? Nail the interview. If you’ve crashed and burned or even thought you did well in an interview but didn’t get the job, make sure you’re not making these key mistakes. (And believe me when I say these are deal breakers.)

1. Caring only about the money. If the first question you ask is about the $$, this says to me that you’re not in this for me or my company – you’re here only for yourself. Here’s another scenario – if you are in sales and are really focused on the base rather than commission, this tells me that you are worried you don’t have the sales skills you claim. Bottom line, there’s a ton of potential red flags here if you open the discussion by talking about money.

2. You’ve tipped past confidence into arrogance. How much do I really need to say here? There’s a fine line between confidence and I-can’t-possibly-measure-up-to-the-brilliance-that-is-you. Don’t be this person.

3. Failing to ask for the job. Think of this like dating. The girl or boy is never going to go out with you if you don’t ask. They can’t read your mind and neither can the interview panel. So, show that you’d like to be part of the team.

4. Not listening. Subtext is everything! The interview questions can tell you a lot about the company if you read between the lines. Heck, so can actually listening and not interrupting the interviewer. Listen first and talk second. Always.

5. Talking about your accomplishments as if you are a lone wolf. It probably took a team to get where you are. Playing up your accomplishments is different than claiming all the credit for absolutely everything. The ability to be independent is great, but nothing can replace a team player.

6. Lack of energy or passion. You don’t need to be swinging from the rafters, but you do need to be engaging. If you are low key in the interview, how will they think you’re going to perform in a customer facing role? Probably not great at getting customers to use your product or engage with you. You DO need more than just a pulse to get the job.

7. Not doing your homework. I’ve said it before, but come prepared with some well thought out questions. Do your research on Glassdoor, Forbes, and anywhere else you can think of!

Here is another article I wrote about interview fails if you’d like to feel a bit better about yourself and if you’d like some insight into why your job search may not be working, click here. And as always, I can be reached at for all your job search needs.

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