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Hack Your Way Into A New Resume

Hey, we’ve all been there. We’re always looking for ways to break through online barriers. Over the years, this has given hackers a bad rap and for good reason. It’s kind of unnerving to think how someone can invade your privacy online. That someone can pry open the door, peek inside, and take your information for their own personal gain. But that’s what security is for, right? And now, the choices are endless: IT security, infrastructure security, analytics and security, and even internet presence development enhanced with security. (If you need it protected, I can help connect you with a really great IT company!)

However, hacking doesn’t always have to be bad. In fact, it’s the art of hacking that has introduced people to “coding.” I’m sure you’ve seen the movies: the CIA/federal agent is chasing down the nerdy hacker because he “cracked the code.” In the end, the agent gets the guy, and the code is safe. It’s a great concept, really it is, but there’s more to “the code.”

If you break it down, coding is used to process and display data. This article is basically data the code is using to display information in “human.” And search engines, like Google, use analytics to read the code in order to prioritize the most relevant data to better serve the end user.

How does this apply to your job search and resume?

The very essence of hacking is all about how data is reviewed and used. And for most people who apply for jobs online, they *should* care about how the content is being perceived. In fact, it’s critical to understand how your resume “coding” could prevent you from landing the job of your dreams. Yet, so many job seekers are approaching online career hunting all wrong.

For most people, crafting their LinkedIn Profiles and resumes is all about looking impressive. They want folks to know all about their greatest achievements. So, to accomplish this, they write long, drawn out resumes that say nothing. This doesn’t have to happen to you! There are 3 easy ways to code your resume or profile into the perfect job opportunity.

Coding Your Way Into the Perfect Resume:

  • Pay attention to keywords. Look at the jobs you’re applying for and make sure you put these words in your resume. Having keywords in your resume increases your chances of being seen because the web crawlers will identify matches between your qualifications (the keywords) with the job requirements (also keywords).
  • Understand how traffic works. As mentioned before, search engines use analytics to drive users to and from your content online. When it comes to resumes, your SEO (search engine optimization) matters. If you’re not using the right keywords to drive the right employers (traffic) to your resume, you won’t get the attention you want. So, do your research! Take the time to understand how web traffic works; this will help you drive the right employers with the jobs you want to your resume.
  • Don’t pad your resume with fluff. Using big, overly-complicated words will not get you noticed. Neither will creating an unoriginal resume that reads like every other candidate. Again, it comes down to using the right keywords, being unique, and driving the right traffic to your resume. Use this winning formula; it’ll get you results, which is what matters.

So, using hacking to break the code to a better job is only a few keywords away. But if you find yourself in a real hacking crisis and need emergency help, I recommend you call our IT vendor, Aronetics. They keep our data secure and I can’t possibly say enough about their experience.

For help “hacking” your resume, call us today!

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