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Tips for a Short Job Search

First, some basic facts. I love my job. Being a professional resume writer is simply amazing. (Between you, me, and the rest of the internet, this job is perfect for my short attention span. Today might be IT, tomorrow might be construction, and next week could be NASA.)

Here’s the deal…there’s some things that all my really successful clients have in common. Things that set them apart and make them the superstars that they are. And if you know me in real life, then you know that I tend to attract the best of the best. I’ve written resumes for professional athletes (yes, they need resumes, too), industry leaders, Rhodes Scholars, public officials, and social media influencers. You name it and I’ve probably written it. I guess the point here is that I’ve watched each throughout their careers (usually for years since my clients tend to stick around) and they all have some commonalities.

I’ve translated what they do into 5 steps to a successful job search.

1. What I’ve observed is that each has a unique ability to pinpoint their goals. They know exactly what they want. It’s not even a question of where they would like to end up – they have 100% vision and never waver…even for a second. Applied to a job search, this means that you need to know exactly what job you’re targeting.

2. This is followed up with a clear plan. My clients are methodical and they have charted each step they make towards that goal. (Remember that’s how we started?) A job search typically consists of multiple avenues – online job applications, networking, or targeted cold calls to a company of choice. Map out your job search plan and then stick to it.

3.  Each plan is specific, detailed, and goal-oriented. Not only do my most successful clients act with precision, but they often have multiple irons in the fire. For example, they might set themselves a goal of 6 online job applications/day, or reach out to 5 new recruiters per week. Approach your job search with specific benchmarks / KPIs.

4.  My most successful clients are also hyper-aware of what’s going on around them. For example, they might be tracking a company in a particular space and notice that there has been an opening for a Controller out there for more than 30 days. Approaching the recruiter and giving them a lead for a qualified candidate not only breeds good will, but it will leave a great impression. In a job search, helping others is critical to networking.

5.  Last but not least, my clients tend to be fearless. They aren’t ever afraid of swimming upriver for something they believe in. In the context of a job search, this is critical – especially if you have been laid off. It can be traumatic, but you have to remember that you really are a catch and that a new employer would be lucky to have you!

I’ve blogged extensively on the subject of job searching, so please visit my articles on job search pitfalls and successful job searching to learn more about how you can make the most of your job search. Good luck!

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