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New College Grad Job Search “Do’s”

Millennials, this is for you.

You guys get a bad rap. The vast majority of my millennial clients are hard workers, ethical and interested in professional development. And since we are currently in the season of folks getting ready to graduate (otherwise known as February), I thought I’d answer some common questions.

When should I start applying for jobs and internships? NOW. Do not wait. We all have that person in our lives that is always early, right? Don’t they sometimes say that being on time is the same as being late? It’s true. There’s no time like the present and the early bird DOES catch the worm.

I’m planning on moving after graduation, so shouldn’t I wait for my job search? No. If there is even a remote chance that you can find a job in your field before you move, even a month or two of experience can make a difference in landing your next position.

I don’t want to stay at an employer for only 3 months, do I? Usually, I’d agree, however, since you are at the beginning of your career, a job in your field is a great thing. While we want to avoid any perception of job hopping, you don’t actually owe your employer anything. I wouldn’t advocate going this route for anyone other than an upcoming grad! Just remember that this world of work thing can be really competitive, so any leg up you can get is good.

Applying for jobs online is harder than I thought. Will it get easier? No, it will not. I don’t really believe in sugar coating, so I’ll tell it to you straight. Job searching stinks. It’s a pain in the a#% and I don’t foresee it getting any less time-consuming. Might as well get used to it now and quit complaining.

Of course, the fundamentals of resume writing still apply! The rest of your life is waiting. Go get it.

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