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I was sitting with a client today, and like most high achievers, he couldn’t sit still. He’s an adrenaline junkie. No matter how many executives or physicians or expert accountants I work with – all the really, really impressive ones have that trait in common. And like many superstars, he’d never sat down and just thought about what he’s accomplished over the course of his career. It got me thinking… Maybe I could write a guide of what accomplishments I look for by profession?! Here’s a little list to get you started.

  1. Sales resume writing – How much did you sell on an annual basis? How did this compare to your quota? Dollars and cents win EVERY TIME.
  2. Software engineer resume writing – Beyond the fact that I need your languages and development tools clearly listed, what value did the software deliver? Did it solve a problem? Save time? Save money? Again, it all goes back to the $$.
  3. Human resources resume writing – This one is easy! Did you reduce turnover? Save money on benefits and compensation? Streamline the hiring process and make it faster? We’ve all heard the saying, “Time is money.” Well, it’s true.
  4. CPA resume writing – I begin with a basic list of proficiencies such as corporate taxes, SMB accounting, or real estate valuations and move on to an in-depth discussion of what they’ve been able to accomplish on behalf of their clients. Maybe they have helped a corporate client implement a budget and reduce expenses by $XXX. Or maybe they conducted an audit which uncovered some concerning data. The “gold” here lies in what they’ve helped their clients achieve.
  5. Social worker resume writing – This goes back to my roots and how I got started writing resumes! A great way to open is with caseload size and metrics associated with what your clients have accomplished. Anecdotal stories about uniting families, placing 34 children back in their homes or stabilizing 278 clients since 2015 is not just meaningful, it shows that you understand your contribution to your organization as a whole.
  6. District manager resume writing – This one circles back to sales but can also weave in leadership, mentoring and KPIs. Did your reduce turnover? Engage your employees? Turn around poor morale? Add annual revenue and you’ll be irresistible!

I could go on forever here…

Just promise me that you won’t aim for the general resume!

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I'm a professional resume writer, recruiter, and job search guru who works with clients from every walk of life - CEO to software engineer, advertising executive, teacher, mechanic, doctor or even mortician (true story). My specialty is crafting individualized documents, telling my clients' stories - and making them shine.