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The Holiday Resume

Looking for a job during the holidays can be really stressful….and, well….downright depressing. This is probably the worst time of year to be out of work, and for some people it is hard to stay motivated. Even though your instinct might be yelling at you to take a break, DON’T LISTEN!

How about leveraging all the “good cheer” floating around and schedule some informational interviews? Or take advantage of the general sense of good-will and work your network? Use the holiday spirit to your benefit. Hiring managers and decision makers will be more likely to talk, offer advice, and even take a look at your resume.

Now is the time to “personalize” your resume and make meaningful connections. Put a face to your document, enjoy the holiday spirit, and channel it into your job search!

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I'm a professional resume writer, recruiter, and job search guru who works with clients from every walk of life - CEO to software engineer, advertising executive, teacher, mechanic, doctor or even mortician (true story). My specialty is crafting individualized documents, telling my clients' stories - and making them shine.