What Does Your Email Address Say?

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What Does Your Email Address Say?

I have seen blog after blog telling job seekers that they need a professional email address. They all say the same thing, but somehow I think that it hasn’t quite sunk in for some folks.

You DO need a professional email address. My first choice is Gmail, followed by all the others. Your email should have your name and not give any information about your personal life or hobbies. Prospective employers don’t really need to know that you collect teddy bears or believe in legalizing marijuana. Political statements don’t have any business in your professional email address. They will only help the hiring manager in creating a bias, so please, if you haven’t done so already, get yourself a nice professional Gmail address.

Over the last few years, I’ve seen some that have made me laugh and some that might shock you. Of course, I changed the names to protect the innocent (or guilty) depending on your point of view. Don’t let this be you:




Grab your name while you still can!

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