2018 Career Resolutions

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2018 Career Resolutions

We all know the common New Year’s resolutions. Lose weight. Stop smoking. Improve relationships with our loved ones.  PUT DOWN THE DAMN PHONE (which I’m typing on right now, by the way). But have you taken a long, hard look at your career? Start out 2018 the right way and consider what I call “Career Resolutions.”

You probably need a new resume. It is often your first impression when you apply for a job online and if it isn’t powerful enough, it won’t do you a bit of good. I’ve blogged extensively on resume writing here and here (and written a bunch of other articles), so do your homework. You might need to hire a resume writer, so let me know if that’s the case, but if not, I always do free resume evaluations. I’m happy to review what you’ve put together. Just send me an email to krista@virtuosoresumes.com

I can almost guarantee that you need a new profile. If I had a dollar for every profile I’ve read that is written in the 3rd person, I’d be rich. Again, do your homework and please feel free to read every article I’ve written on LinkedIn. You can find the most comprehensive here.

Time to dust off your address book. Granted that most of us have a digital address book these days and I’ll be giving away my age if I mention the word “Rolodex” – but it is critical that you begin making a game plan for who you’d like to reach out to. And remember that the best way to get folks to cooperate is by giving something first. Maybe you’ve discovered a great new tool or app that you’d like to share or just open the door for collaboration – it’s a must that if you’d like an introduction (or something else), and they’ll feel that it’s a reciprocal relationship if you are looking out for their needs first.

You need a target role, company, or achievement. It should go without saying that probably the most important part of setting a career resolution is having a goal. It can be a new job, career change, or even a new skill – but whatever it is, keep your vision in the forefront. You can’t very well plan without a goal, right?

Never settle for the status quo. Don’t accept second place and don’t – ever – give up before you’ve achieved your vision. It will require persistence or may even take some time, but keep working towards your goal. Know what the one thing is that separates winners from losers? Winners don’t quit.

Virtuoso Resumes is taking new clients in 2018, so call today for a free resume evaluation.

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