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I am fortunate enough to have developed some really wonderful relationships as a resume writer. One of my favorite people is Christine Mann, Certified Professional Career Coach. I send her all my clients that need career coaching and I have seen her work some minor miracles. If your career has stalled or you need help getting to the next level, she is the person to call!

Consider this your formal introduction and read her guest-blog (posted below). She can be contacted through her website at

Here We Go…Blog Posting # 1.

Since the start of my business, I have had the great fortune to interact with many, learn the ins and outs of small business ownership and have had great conversations with people from all walks of life. I have also had time to reflect on my own journey in preparation for what I hope are quick, interesting topics for these blog posts. So, as I prepared for this first one, I kept coming back to one topic that has been top of mind with me for a while.

Why do people really leave their jobs? What’s really at the core when people jump ship?

For some, I believe it’s pure aspiration, the next strategic move, part of the plan, however for some it could be about something else. How many times have you heard people say, “I love my leader and the vision of the company”, and that is why I am invested, or “I have to get out of here, I am working for a tyrant.”

Could it be about leadership?

As a leader or a staff member, when was the last time you really thought about this? For leaders out there, when was the last time you took a pulse check or the temperature of your team? Is your staff engaged? Are you actively providing and soliciting feedback, are your conversations rich with dialogue, or are you getting just “yes” from everyone?

Here are some quick tips to test the waters. In actively trying some of these you may actually circumvent the employee who may be feeling unheard, dissatisfied or disengaged and be able to turn the boat before you lose great talent. It’s my opinion that employees who have a leader that truly engages them, is invested in their success, truly walks the walk, gives and demands respect are the ones who create followership and become leaders everyone wants to be around.

Consider these suggestions:

  • Keep the Communication Flowing – Reduce resistance by providing active dialogue and transparency in all you do.
  • Empower Employees – Provide employees with development opportunities to stretch their wings and cut their teeth on something new and different.
  • Reward and Recognize efforts in small and big ways – You’d be surprised how far a “thank you” goes.
  • Speak with – don’t speak at or thru your employees. Treat them the way you would like to be treated. They do notice, you know….
  • Solicit 360 Feedback – You’d be surprised what you may hear. It may be going great or you may need to make some adjustments
  • Commit to an active two-way dialogue – Encourage them to challenge the status quo and be an active part of the conversation.
  • Listen – Take the time to actively listen before speaking. Most of us really appreciate when someone truly listens!
  • Be Human and a Great Example – A few years back I had a leader who truly understood me as a person and supported an important need in my personal life that gave me peace of mind at work.  It was a great lesson for me, because when I became a leader, I offered the same opportunity to one of my employees.  It was a great leadership example and one that I will never forget.  Don’t forget they are not just employees….they are people!


’till next time ~ Christine

Reprinted with permission

Christine Mann

Certified Professional Coach, ICF ACC Certified


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