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Twitter & Your Job Search (Part 1)

Confused about social media? Don’t have a clue about Twitter? Have you heard about a friend of a friend of a friend who got hired because of their Twitter feed?

It’s true!

Companies are posting job openings on Twitter. Why? It’s free and they can guarantee that people who respond to jobs found this way are fairly tech savvy. They won’t have to spend extra time training them how to turn on the computer or where to find the print button.

Still confused? Keep reading and follow my step-by-step instructions.

  1. Sign up for a Twitter account here.
  2. Choose a user name (make sure it’s something close to your name).
  3. You will have to choose 5-10 people or companies as part of the account creation process. You can choose people you know or better yet, choose a few of your target companies.
  4. Twitter will then ask for access to your email. If you are planning on an all-out Twitter campaign then definitely allow access. If your goal is to simply see unadvertised jobs, then it is okay to skip this step.
  5. It’s pretty hard to see, but in the bottom left corner of the setup box you’ll find “skip” in faint gray letters. Simply click this to skip past whatever step it is that you are on.
  6. Next, Twitter would like you to add your picture. I recommend uploading the same image that you use for your LinkedIn profile. If your resume lands onto the desk of a hiring manager and they run a Google search, I think it reflects well to have a nice, professional Twitter account. You may not have any tweets, but at least you are presenting the image of someone confident with today’s technology.
  7. Last (but not least) you can begin searching!


Have questions? Check back for my next blog on the best ways to navigate Twitter during a job search.



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