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Resume Writing – Start at the Beginning

When I first talk to a new client, there is a common thread through almost each and every discussion. Writing about yourself is difficult and the hardest part is starting. In response, I’ve written a two part blog “Resume Writing – Start at the Beginning.” I hope that after reading it, writing a resume for yourself isn’t quite as hard.

Part 1 – The Headline and Tagline

Begin with a headline. The most common blunder I see on resumes is that the top title will say “Objective Statement,” or it might say “Summary.” Or maybe you’ve skipped having a headline altogether. Big mistake! Underneath your name and address put the job title you are seeking. Every single line and space on a resume should work to your advantage, so don’t skip the most important keyword…your future job title.

You might also choose to add a tagline under the headline. It might be 4-7 words long and should describe your brand. As a professional resume writer, my tagline is “Perfecting your first impression.” I think one of my favorite taglines is one I wrote for a client who is a virtual assistant: “Creating Freedom for the Busy Executive”. The common thread here is that both taglines say what each of us delivers. It doesn’t say what we DO, it says what we DO FOR our clients. Both taglines testify to what VALUE we bring to the table and what VALUE our clients can expect. It’s not about what you do, it’s about what you deliver – the outcome.

Look for Part 2 where I talk about the objective statement and the executive summary, and of course, don’t forget to manage your first impression. Don’t let your first impression manage you.

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