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Still Waiting for the Phone to Ring?

Are you still waiting for employers to call? Have you wondered why your resume isn’t generating the response that you would like? Outlined below are a few common reasons why hiring managers may put your resume into the “no” pile.

How long is too long? The HR manager doesn’t want your entire work history. In fact, they don’t actually care about you. Harsh, I know, but they really just want to know what you can do FOR THEM. They want to know what value you will add to their organization, preferably in one page. Two is okay, but one is better. Keep it concise and hit only the highlights that will draw them in.

Vague words – Exceptional, successful, problem solver…what do these have in common? They don’t actually say anything. I want to know exactly what you have accomplished. I don’t want to read a description of you, I want to draw my own conclusions from your actions. As a hiring manager, I want to think for myself and not let you do it for me.

Job duties? Who cares! Just like vague words don’t get the job done, neither does a laundry list of job duties. It’s great that you sold ice to polar bears, but I want to know how much! You need to show why exactly you are the best person for the job, and the best way to do that is to show what a superstar you are by highlighting your accomplishments.

Sell yourself – This is your chance to toot your own horn. Use it! This is not the time to be modest or humble. This is the time to feel confident (even if you don’t), and to blow all those other candidates out of the water. All of your major accomplishments belong on your resume…you can be your competition is using theirs.

Don’t forget that above all, a resume is a marketing document. It is your own personal press release and advertisement rolled into one. Attacking it the way you would a work project may remove some of the stress and de-personalize the process. Good luck and happy writing : )

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